The link between business and human rights.


Ahmad S. Mohseni, Economic Adviser Associate


1.      Hello Ahmad, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am 25 years old and originally come from Afghanistan. I did my studies both in Kabul and Paris.

2.      When did you join the ICRC? In which department/unit?

I joined the ICRC in September 2018. I am working as an associate in the Unit of the Economic Adviser, within the Department of International Law and Policy.

3.      Why did you decide to do a traineeship as an Economic Adviser at the ICRC?

For two reasons: first, the ICRC is a renowned institution in the humanitarian field. With my keen interest in humanitarian action, I found that no other organization corresponded to my professional aspirations quite like the ICRC. Second, as an associate to the economic adviser, I deal with issues linked to business and human rights, which gives me an opportunity to use both my experience of business/economics and my knowledge of international affairs.

4.      What were the responsibilities and projects you worked on?

My role is to support the economic adviser in engaging constructively with companies operating in high-risk areas and conflict situations. This involves providing guidance to companies in addressing security issues and engaging with local communities. I also provide support to colleagues working on the ICRC’s engagement strategy with corporate partners.

5.      Do you have any special memories or anecdotes to share with us?

I don’t have a particular anecdote in mind, however I would like to say some words about one of the best times I’ve had during my experience at the ICRC. It was during the three-day “Welcome Course”, which the ICRC organizes for new members. During this training, I got to learn more about the organization and its amazing history.

6.      What are your future plans?

Before talking about my future plans, I would like to stress that a traineeship at the ICRC makes a real difference to your CV. After this experience, you can be sure to find employment. As for me, I have been accepted as a Junior Professional Officer at the UN Secretariat. I will go to New York in October for this new adventure.