The ICRC is made up of some 20,000 professionals working in our delegations in over 90 countries.

We work in four different approaches: assistance, protection, prevention, and cooperation. These approaches are closely linked and are part of an interdisciplinary approach that is unique to our organization. To learn more about our different approaches, click here.

Our mission could not be achieved without the work of our motivated colleagues in the so-called "support" functions who contribute greatly to the success of our operations in the field. Without the ICT, HR, Logistics or Finance and Administration teams, we would not be able to fulfill our mission of assisting and protecting vulnerable populations.

Apart from these categories, we also have junior colleagues, who join regularly and work on one-year assignments at our headquarters in Geneva; these are the "associates". You can learn more about them on our Students, Graduates and Civilists page.

Discover how your skills can fit in our work by reading the testimonies of our colleagues below!




    Learn more about our cooperation work in our individual page for Cooperation with national societies.