"I would encourage women to keep moving up the ladder, even if there are sometimes a few rungs missing – the sky’s the limit."


Faryab Shoaib, ICT Specialist based in Peshawar, Pakistan.


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I come from a part of northern Pakistan called Kohat. I’m a computer engineer and have been interested in information and communication technology (ICT) since I was at school. Watching the world go digital made me want to study the subject at university. After graduating, I worked as an ICT assistant for the World Bank’s project to revitalize the economy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. I now offer my services at the ICRC, which I joined a couple of years ago.

Why did you decide to join the ICRC?

I came across an advertisement for an ICT position. I was aware of the ICRC’s role as the leading organization in the humanitarian field and, being a humanitarian myself, thought joining would be a boost to my career.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

My day-to-day routine is not fixed, but typical tasks involve user support, help desk management, troubleshooting and various monitoring tasks to make sure ICT services are running smoothly. I work in the Peshawar sub delegation, where local staff and a few expats are under my responsibility. There’s a healthy working environment, and I feel comfortable here.

How does the ICRC support you in your job?

The ICRC has been extremely supportive and helpful since day one. Being in a predominantly male-oriented culture, I thought it would be challenging to work here as a woman. However, I was accepted openly and supported at every step. My colleagues have offered day-to-day guidance and training.

Can you describe a memorable experience you’ve had?

There have been many exciting experiences during my relatively short career with the ICRC, but for me, the trip to Nairobi, Kenya, stands out. I got to exchange ideas with colleagues from across the globe. The trip broadened my vision and helped me set new goals. I can now see myself reaching new heights in my career. I want to be a regional coordinator once I have enough experience, and I’m open to relocating in order to reach that goal.

Do you have any advice for people like you who might be interested in joining the ICRC?

"Do not hesitate for a minute. The ICRC offers personal and professional growth, peace of mind and different types of training and opportunities to achieve your goals."

I would encourage women to keep moving up the ladder, even if there are sometimes a few rungs missing – the sky’s the limit. Women have excellent professional development opportunities here, thanks to the ICRC’s strong principles and endeavours to ensure a safe and secure workplace for all.

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