Everyone is entitled to know what has happened to their missing relatives.


Yubaraj Adhikari, Restoring Family Links Delegate

Yubaraj Adhikari has been with the ICRC for over 12 years. After joining the Nepal delegation and handling various roles there, he became a mobile staff member in 2016 and worked in Sri Lanka for two years, followed by six months in Myanmar. In his current role, Yubaraj is part of the team that helps trace missing family members separated by conflict, restoring contact between them and reuniting them when possible.


1.      During the span of your 12 years with the ICRC, what has changed in the organization?

Of course, there have been many changes! Look at our conversation right now –  it’s on Skype. You found me so easily. When I first joined the organization, there was only one computer in our delegation and we had so many levels of checks to get through to one person. Apart from technological advances, I’ve seen a huge change in the mindset of people.

2.      Was it challenging for you to get a global deployment position as a mobile delegate? How was the transition from being resident staff to mobile staff?

The transition was simple but came with its own set of challenges. Those not in the field, including our supervisors, would expect things without understanding the field realities. It was difficult personally too – I was not allowed to bring my family with me for 24 months when I first became mobile. But now we’re together and it’s lovely to be able to see my children grow up. 

3.      When you first started, did you think you’d work with the ICRC for over a decade?

No. In fact, I had only expected to last the probation period! Just kidding. But here I am… it feels as if I am married to the ICRC. I have never felt the need to leave. I can’t forget an overwhelming experience I had in Pokhara, Nepal. We were in a car when we saw a man run after the vehicle, waving at us to stop. As I got out, he enveloped me in a hug. He told us that his family had waited for years to know about what happened to his grandfather, who had served with the British Army in World War II. It was only through Red Cross messages that they finally found out that his grandfather had lost his life on the battlefield. He was extremely thankful to the ICRC and his outpouring brought tears to my eyes as well.


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