Employees under local contracts are hired locally to work in a fixed location. They can be hired in diverse job fields and seniority levels in more than 90 countries. Their contract type is different from that of employees under mobile contracts, who rotate every few years to work in different countries. Employees under local contracts represent around two-thirds of the ICRC total workforce and take diverse roles in their field of expertise.

Common requirements for local contracts

Candidates for a local contract position usually need to be nationals of the country they are applying to or to hold a working visa. You should be able to find more within the job description or during the recruitment process. Note that the requirements for employees under resident contracts are usually determined on a case-by-case basis. In case you are interested in the vacancy, we would suggest you examine the job description carefully.

How to look for local opportunities in different regions

Please find below where you can find those resident positions in different regions and countries. Also note that this list probably can not exhaust all recruitment channels of our delegations and some info might be displayed in the local language only. We encourage you to pay attention to icrc.org, country pages, ICRC country blogs, local social media accounts and local job boards to get a comprehensive view of the resident positions. Some locations are managed by regional delegations, so you might find more information on the regional delegation's page. Apart from that, we also encourage you to follow our LinkedIn page where we will publish resident positions in different countries regularly.