If you are interested in working for the ICRC and wish to apply for positions advertised, you will be invited to create your HR profile online

There are two ways in which you can be employed by and work abroad for the ICRC. You can work for us exclusively or, if you are a national of or resident in certain countries, you can opt to work for us and your National Society.

For applicants from Sweden, your application will be handled by a dedicated recruiter in that National Society, working on behalf of the ICRC to recruit staff from this country. She will contact you if your CV is of interest and follow the application process with you. If successful, you will then be offered the option of a contract with the Swedish RC or with the ICRC. 

For applicants from other countries, you can contact your National Society to see if they would be willing to contract you and send you on loan to the ICRC. National Societies source talent with profiles similar to those that are of interest to the ICRC, for instance in the fields of health care, water and habitat, information and communications technology, livelihood, construction and rehabilitation, HR and finance as well as general management. However, the ICRC has many additional specialized profiles, including in protection and detention, forensic science, dissemination of international humanitarian law and human rights law to the armed and security forces, and clearance activities after weapon contamination. The following National Societies regularly advertise ICRC positions and provide staff on loan to the ICRC. 


What can employment by my National Society offer me?

If your recruitment is successful, your National Society might offer you three career opportunities in the Movement, one of which is secondment to the ICRC. The others are working for the Society’s own humanitarian programmes abroad or, again through your National Society, being seconded to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which helps people in times of natural disaster and builds the organizational capacity of National Societies.

What happens if I choose to be recruited through my National Society?

This means that you apply to your National Society, provided that you are hoping to fill a role that they are advertising on behalf of the ICRC. They will process your recruitment up to a certain point, and then introduce you to the ICRC. The ICRC may need to carry out some additional recruitment steps. If your recruitment is successful and an assignment identified for you in one of its operations, you will be contracted by your National Society and seconded to the ICRC for the duration of that assignment. You will receive your salary and other benefits at home from your National Society, but be part of the ICRC set-up, including having an ICRC line manager during your assignment.