We regularly have job opportunities for movement cooperation officers.

Areas: relationship building, management, coordination, program management, red cross and red crescent movement.



Movement Cooperation Specialists are the focal point in a delegation for all Movement-related issues and play a key role in building and maintaining operational and other partnership(s) with the National Society (or Societies) in a given context. They ensure an effective and optimal response by the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement to the needs of victims of conflict and other situations of violence. To this end, they: 

  • guide the delegation in developing and maintaining partnership with National Societies, providing capacity-building support where required;
  • foster collaborative working relationships among Movement components, in line with ICRC and Movement policies, guiding the ICRC in fulfilling its lead agency role, when applicable;
  • manage ICRC Cooperation programmes, ensuring they are carried out in close collaboration with National Society partners;
  • contribute to the further mainstreaming of Movement Cooperation within the ICRC, including in strategic and operational layers;
  • manage staff, when applicable;
  • represent and promote the ICRC and negotiate on its behalf.



We are looking for people from different academic and technical backgrounds with a range of qualifications, skills and experiences, including:

  • university education or equivalent;
  • international humanitarian work experience, with the ICRC or any other part of the Movement (National Societies and/or International Federation); background in programme management;
  • practical knowledge of the Movement, its policy frameworks and coordination mechanisms in emergency situations;
  • ability to establish, build and advise on partnerships and coordination within the Movement;
  • capacity-building and/or organizational development experience and knowledge;
  • capacity to formulate strategies and support their implementation;
  • excellent interpersonal, communication, diplomacy and organizational skills; ability to prioritize work;
  • demonstrated ability to establish effective working relationships at all levels, both inside and outside the ICRC; 
  • excellent written and oral communication skills in English and at least one other ICRC working language, such as French, Spanish, Arabic or Russian;
  • willingness to work under pressure in a multicultural team in a complex and potentially dangerous environment; flexibility to travel;
  • strong motivation for humanitarian work and the ICRC’s mandate;
  • capacity to lead a multicultural team;
  • ability to work in a cross-cutting manner with a diverse team of experts (also from other areas of ICRC work);
  • strong sense of accountability to people affected by conflict or other situations of violence;
  • full proficiency with IT tools.



By joining our organization, you will have an opportunity to practise your profession in stimulating, complex and sometimes challenging environments, where your work can really make a difference. 

You will work with colleagues from various fields of expertise in a cross-cutting manner to help victims of conflict and other situations of violence. You will be dealing with humanitarian situations that require experience, resourcefulness and innovation in order to achieve the best possible impact, often with limited resources.

You will work for the oldest major international humanitarian organization in the world, adding to your sense of achievement in alleviating the suffering of people and communities and giving you the chance to promote humanitarian values in these turbulent times.

You will benefit from a competitive employment package, including different possibilities for career and personal development. You will take part in an onboarding course and follow continuous training, in order to build your career within the ICRC and beyond.


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