• ICRC legal advisers work to foster respect for and promotion of IHL. This is achieved, in particular, by delivering the legal expertise necessary to back the ICRC’s actions in its dialogue with parties to armed conflict and by influencing key players and decision-makers on IHL issues. They also contribute to reaffirming, clarifying and developing IHL.


  • ICRC legal advisers furthermore provide guidance to national authorities on the domestic implementation measures needed to meet their IHL obligations; facilitate the exchange of information on national measures of implementation; provide legal advice and technical support; and assist in building national capacity on IHL. They also support the work of national committees on IHL or similar bodies established by States to further IHL implementation processes domestically.


  • ICRC policy and diplomatic advisers play a key role in delivering the ICRC’s humanitarian diplomacy, using policy-making and humanitarian diplomacy to broaden political and material support for what the ICRC does and cares about. Their main role is influencing the policies and practice of important players in the diplomatic arena. This requires strong skills in networking, listening, understanding, positioning and persuading.


We are looking for legal advisers with strong expertise in IHL or related fields for staff positions in Geneva or in the field.

We also recruit policy advisers with a background in international relations, international law, development studies or other relevant subjects, as well as diplomatic advisers with a background in international relations, social science or equivalent.

Our positions are often filled internally by colleagues with ICRC field experience [link to generalist/Prot/first mission delegates recruitment]. Each law and policy position has distinct requirements, so please refer to the individual openings.


By joining our organization, you will have an opportunity to practise your profession in stimulating, complex and sometimes challenging environments, where your work can really make a difference. 

You will work with colleagues from various fields of expertise in a cross-cutting manner to help victims of conflict and other situations of violence. You will be dealing with humanitarian situations that require experience, resourcefulness and innovation in order to achieve the best possible impact, often with limited resources.

You will work for the oldest major international humanitarian organization in the world, adding to your sense of achievement in alleviating the suffering of people and communities and giving you the chance to promote humanitarian values in these turbulent times.

You will benefit from a competitive employment package, including different possibilities for career and personal development. You will take part in an onboarding course and follow continuous training, in order to build your career within the ICRC and beyond.